Dedicated family man, entrepreneur, builder, financial contrarian and aspiring writer.

My strong personal philosophy has been sprinkled across this site. While I often slip up, every day I strive to be the ideal man and father. I strongly believe in discipline and setting constraints on yourself to achieve the best possible results.

Cross posted from the front of this site is my goal for this website:

This site is dedicated to the study, pursuit and attempted attainment of excellence.  The acquisition of  true excellence has always impressed me beyond words.I have decided to dedicate my direct focus to three of my core passions. Finance, creating through building, and using my experience and passion for learning to advise those seeking guidance. I fervently believe the best and most effective way to achieve mastery of a subject or pursuit is to teach it to others. Whether these pursuits be physical, mental, creative or spiritual.

I strive for Arete.

Only by distilling and refining the content and skills into a teachable form can you truly achieve mastery. This site is my attempt at accomplishing that. While the skills and goals may change over time the medium and the message will remain the same, my belief that life a truly lived is centered on growth and change.

 My Rules to Live By:

Edit: October 2013

I will be a hero to my wife and children, I will not be the person I do not want to be. I will be honest, dependable, and self sufficient.

I will be a constant and lifelong learner.

I will go to bed and rise the same time 7 days a week (9:30PM - 5AM) - Practice quality sleep hygiene

I will write for 60 minutes every morning, before doing anything else.

I will follow my schedule ruthlessly, plan, and avoid randomness.

I will design or create something everyday.

I will weight train every morning, immediately following writing.

I will follow a "relaxed" Paleo diet. No alcohol, limit grains, dairy and gluten to absolute minimum.

I will strive to be a teacher and leader.

I will fast 2X times a week for 24 hours.

I wills strive for inner judgement and an understanding of everything.

I will be conscious of Memento Mori, I will be grateful, and write to my gratitude journal daily.

I have spent my entire lifetime working on learning and becoming a better man. As is common with many before me, only as I approach 40 has it begun to jell. I hope that with this site and my desire to write and teach I can become a positive influence in my children's lives as well as the lives of others. Maybe just maybe I can help them figure it out in less time... 


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I can be found at several places online: 

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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/timothybohen 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tbohen 


This video contains many aspects of my personal philosophy as well as trading process.