I have had a lifelong interest in finance, stocks and financial markets. I believe there is no better or logical way to make money than in stock trading. The pursuit of profits in day trading and speculation are some of the hardest to come by. But there is no other career that offers the potential rewards without being chained to people, locations or rules. 

I began my trading education at an early age, as a child I would wait for my father to return from work with the daily paper so I could skim the stock pages. I had no idea why I was drawn but I vividly remember tracking the price of $IBM and $GM and other large cap stocks that I had heard of at that age. 

Unfortunately the public school system offers zero opportunities for learning about finance or stock trading. And at at this time, (1980's-1990's), there was obviously no internet to allow me to research and learn trading. I was forced to back burner my trading education for 20+ years. Beginning in the early 2000's I fell back into trading because of the ability to trade online with various platforms. But like most suckers I was trapped into the world of large cap stocks, trading companies you know, trading based on fundamentals, CNBC,  Warren Buffet and all the other foolhardy stock information services. 

I spent 7+ years, churning commissions and "maybe" breaking even at the end of the day. Around 2007 I discovered Timothy Sykes and short selling. It was like the curtain was finally drawn away and I could actually see how to become a consistently profitable trader. No more buy and hope, or spending hours a day rereading fundamentals building a case to continue holding slow moving or non moving stocks.

After a 20+ year career building and running a business I have decided to now transition into trading full time. But my main priority will continue to be growth through new challenges and building new skills. After over 5 years of trading on and off I have decided their is no better or efficient way to accomplish my goes than through trading.

I also believe in full transparency, so all of my trades as well as the thought process and emotions behind these trades will be documented on this site and Profit.ly

Trading is a bitch, and maybe one of the hardest mental and emotional paths one can take in life. But the freedom and potential rewards are worth it. I have spent the first half of my life thinking about a career trading. As I approach 40 I plan on spending the second half of my life pursuing this goal. 

I hope through documenting this process and teaching and speaking on trading I can help others (who are TRULY interested and motivated) achieve the same level of success and freedom.

I would like to quote another successful and inspirational teacher of finance Michael Covel: "Successful trading is a teachable science not an innate talent."

If you are interested in following my trading and philosophy, I have a blog here and all thoughts and trades will be posted to Twitter

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