I have spent a lifetime learning and refining skills related to the building trades and construction. I consider myself proficient in many aspects of building, including but not limited to:

- Framing
- Finish Carpentry
- Plumbing
- Electrical
- Welding
- Metal Fabrication
- Design

Growing up on a farm with a father who was very self sufficient, I was blessed with the gift of an extreme work ethic. As well as a natural sense of how to build and solve problems. Beginning as an early teenager I have been building, roofing, remodeling and repairing. There are few things that give me as great a sense of satisfaction as looking back at a completed project or a solved problem.

I take great pride in quality and consider myself a craftsman. I also am excited by the conversion of an age old practice of building melding with technology. The ability to use technology to find solutions, source materials and manage projects is exhilarating.

If you are in need of a project completed on time, to specification, with great followup and craftsmanship please visit the Contact page here.

While my time devoted to construction is limited, any project taken will be given a detailed timeline and the greatest effort will be to completed on time. I believe one of the best ways to create a successfully completed project is through communication. Once a project is begun, updates and timelines will be posted to an online portal.

If you are a current client with an active project you can view status via Basecamp at this link: 

I look forward to helping complete your project.

Click here for a list of past building projects.